«Scene: Xing looking the remainings of Ogvar on the ground»

Xing: Oof. Sorry, Ogvar.
Xing: Look on the bright side. At least your death wasn't boring.

«Scene: Close up on Xing»

Xing: Malgor is NOT going to like this. Ooooh WELL!

«Scene: Xing, Mirror Drakath and Hero standing on Screen 13 of Bright Chaos»

Xing: I suppose I should thank you for killing this thing before I became a sludge-puddle, too.

Hero: Probably, yeah.



Xing: What, you want me to actually DO it?
Xing: Okay, okay. Thanks, <Hero>. You really did me a solid.
Xing: I got a little overly excited and I… I screwed up.

«Scene: Close up on Mirror Drakath and Hero»

Hero: Boy, you really did.

Xing: Hey, don't rub it in! Do you know how humiliating this is?

Hero: I think I can imagine.

Xing: Ugh. Jerk.
Xing: Ok, look… I'm just gonna go now, ok? We're off the clock! On a time out. Don't… attack me.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero and Mirror Drakath turning around to start walking back»

Mirror Drakath: You let her go.

Hero: Yeah. I don't have the energy for another fight right now.

Mirror Drakath: I hope that was not a mistake.
Mirror Drakath: We have to be ready for the next attack. After a disaster like that, Malgor will strike again soon.
Mirror Drakath: I'll take this time to regroup… to gather all the allies I can muster.
Mirror Drakath: Good, evil… none of that matters now. Not with the entire realm at stake.

Hero: An alliance of Good and Evil… just like back home.

Mirror Drakath: Yes. I've already been in talks with Archmage Brentan… and I've made good progress with Gravelyn.
Mirror Drakath: But if we are truly going to be at full strength…
Mirror Drakath: I'm going to need my Lords of Order.

«Scene fades»

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