Sleep Paralysis! Of Course!



«Scene: Hero and Memet in Voltaire's room with Voltaire lying in his bed»

Aurelio Voltaire: So… I just lay here and try to fall asleep?

Memet: Uh-huh.

Aurelio Voltaire: I still have that creepy feeling… it's making my skin crawl.

Memet: Just relax! Deep breaths. You'll be snoring in no time.

«Scene: Memet sitting on Voltaire's stomach and singing him lullaby»

Memet: Lullabyyyyyyyy… and goodniiiiiiight…

«Scene: Voltaire opens his eyes and raises his head to look at Memet»

Aurelio Voltaire: Shh! I'm trying to sleep!

«Scene: Memet looks down and stop singing»

Memet: Ok, ok! Sheesh.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Close up on Voltaire sleeping»
«Scene: Sleep Paralysis looking at Voltaire sleeping»


«Scene: Voltaire wakes up»
«Scene: Voltaire starts screaming when he sees Sleep Paralysis»

Aurelio Voltaire: Aaaaahhh!

Sleep Paralysis: YooOOoouu cannot leave. You are mine!

«Scene: Hero and Memet appear on the screen»

Memet: Sleep Paralysis! Of course! That must be what was giving him the willies earlier.
Memet: Awake and asleep at the same time… I really shoulda figured. These hags can cause that sort of thing, you know.
Memet: Crazy stuff. It's like you're awake, but you can still see the stuff in your dreams. Sometimes, you even-

Aurelio Voltaire: Memet! Stop talking and get this thing off me!

«Scene fades»

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