Skull Smashing Finale


«Scene: At the concert»

Artix: This is the final nail in your coffin! For our next number, this is Warcry!

«Brain Matter appears on top»

Warlic: The members of Brain Matter vacated their stolen skeleton bodies and fused into one brain!
Warlic: Or rather, a little less than half a brain, but they're stomach turning nonetheless.
Warlic: If we don't retaliate, they'll crush us physically, then pick up their instruments to do so mentally.

Zhoom: We can't stop shredding. It's an instant disqualification if our music mutes.

Alina: This is tough! They sound exactly like us, even down to my voice!

«Hero comes up to attack Brain Matter»

Hero: Ding ding, knock out! There aren't any rules against shutting you up with a roughing!
Hero: Hold on, how is your music still blaring?

Jongaar: I was willing to give a fellow musician the benefit of the doubt, at least when it comes to performing my songs.
Jongaar: For real, I don't mind if someone plays my music better than me. That'd be cool.

«Jongaars appears and exposes a sound box»

Jongaar: Saying you composed them on top of jaw-syncing to a recording of us?
Jongaar: Your band's slimier than the actual slimes crawling around outside my favorite pizza shop.

Pit: Who cares! You think we lost? Even if you win, we still win!

Jongaar: Yo, is this sour grapes or are actually in trouble?

«Scene: Concert»

Pit: It doesn't matter if we can't raise our original giant body. You will!
Pit: The runes engraved into the Skull Dome got charged up by all of the music, and we're going to rise again!

«Scene: Shaking Skull Dome»

Pit: All according to plan!


Laryn: Pit, is the rest of our body underground or what?

Medullos: I don't remember how our real body died that well. Didn't we get decapitated or something?

Bellum: Bruh.


«Scene: Concert»

«Alina wipes out Brain Matter»

Announcer: Guys and ghouls, we have our first champions of the Skull Dome's Battle of the Bands!
Announcer: Clack your knuckles and start shrieking for the NPCs!

Hero: Artix, can you hold it together long enough to give an encore?

Artix: Only if Jongaar grabs a guitar and jumps on stage with us!

Jongaar: Crank up the volume, I'm on!

«NPCs playing music»

Artix: This next one goes out to our VIP Guest, <Hero>!

«Scene fades»

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