Skull Punch Island Scene 4


«Scene: Artix and Voltaire stare at The Cursed Guitar of Skull Punch island»

Voltaire: The Cursed Guitar of Skull Punch island!

Artix: Woah! Awesome job everyone!

Voltaire: Great job all! Lets grab this sucker and go home.

Artix: Oh… wait…. you need to say the MAGIC WORDS before removing the guitar.

Voltaire: Uh… Magic words?

Artix: Yes. If they are not spoken just right… the curse will consume you.

Voltaire: <Rolls eyes> Yeah, yeah… so what are the words?

Artix: Klatu… Berata…. Nic…. um. Uh oh, I forgot the last one.

Voltaire: Ahem. Wasn't that in a movie I saw?

Artix: …. it was my favorite.

Voltaire: OK, here goes nothing. Klatu… Berata…. Ni <cough> <mumble> <cough>

«Voltaire grabs The Cursed Guitar of Skull Punch island»

«Voltaire transforms into Undead Voltaire»

«Screen fade»

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