Skull Punch Island

Field-Level 10 to 15
Set sail with Voltaire and Deady to find the Beast of Pirates Bay!





Map Names:

  • live raresmall.png
  • voltaire

Room Limit: 7 10
Access Points:


  • Begin Voltaire/Live Quests by clicking on the treasure chest on any of the screens.
  • Voltaire speaks and plays a different song in each section of this area. You can find them here.
  • "Live" currently only has the first screen (the live event has ended), while "Voltaire" has all of them.
  • "Voltaire" is now for legends.
  • "Live" is now inaccessible.
  • Free players can access this map a week before and during a Friday the 13th event.
  • Previously Legend
  • Also see Voltaire/Live.

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