Sivur Anagram (NPC)

Necromancer Hero
May your sword arm be strong and your heart true. We shall engage in combat… NOW!

Six years ago, a small virus floating aimlessly in a pond gained sentience after a glowing green fish devoured it, mutating its nucleus to resemble a brain. Shortly afterwards, a local fisherman caught the fish on his line and ate it for supper. Seizing control of its new host's motor functions and memories by replicating throughout the body, it renamed itself Sivur Anagram and began to explore the world it never knew existed.

Inextricably, however, Sivur found itself unable to pass into other living creatures. Desperate to continue to spread across Lore, it sought the help of ancient magicians, but none could help. Dismayed, Sivur returned to the pond it came from, and debated what the point of sentience was. It was at that moment that it heard a cry for help coming from a center of the water.

Desoloth into the world without a care. It even aides opposing sides such as Alteon and Gravelyn, or Dage and Nulgath, without realizing it is playing both sides.
Now I stand before you, a virus inhabiting the shell of a warrior who believes in my purpose and intelligence. I shall battle you using his strong arm and his quick feet.

Location: Hero Lobby


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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