Before completing the 'Fail to the King' quest:

Legion Huntress
Not another one! I've got too many applicants on my hands, and none up to scratch. DO YOU have what it takes to join the Undead Legion?

You'll have to keep your questions short. I've got a lot of paperwork to handle.

Undead Legion?
Of course you've heard of us - the army that defeated Nulgath, the great Archfiend of the Abyss! With Dage the Evil at our helm, there's no greater force in the Underworld.

Dage the Evil?
The Dark Lord threw away his love and his kingdom in search of greater power. And eventually, our Legion came into being. You'd do well not cross him.

Most people think that all you need to join the Legion is a Paragon Pet and a Caladbolg… but there's something else you need to become one of us. A quality that many creatures lack. None of us fear the embrace of death.

After completing the 'Fail to the King' quest:

Legion Huntress
Well met, <Hero>. A Legionnaire of your prowess is more that welcome here.

- Sirenia's Quests
- Undead Legion Merge

Location: Dreadrock Citadel


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