Sir Vent

Loyal Knight of Swordhaven
Hail, Hero! Are you enjoying your time at Sky Tower Aegis? I sure am! It's nice to get out of Swordhaven right now. With everyone fighting over who is the true "ruler" of Swordhaven, the Pactagonal Knights are in disarray. I hope this conflict ends soon. We need to be focusing on more important things! Like that blasted Queen of Monsters!

Swordhaven has been is chaos ever since the death of King Alteon. (May his bravery stay with us!) Victoria, Tara, and Brentan are causing a civil war! The Pactagonal Knights tried to step in but nothing could get accomplished.

- Castle
- Good Shop
- Pactagonal Shop

Location: SkyTower Aegis


Thanks to Counterswitch.

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