Sir Valence (NPC)

Pactogonal Knight
Sir Valence: You! What are you doing here? The Venom Vaults are not place to explore. Maybe they need heroes at Blackhorn Tomb.

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After completing Logash's Quests:

Pactogonal Knight
Welcome to the Venom Vaults. The mad prince who used to live here raised and trained manticores as pets, before it became Lionfang's base. Pretty sick, right? BUT, if he was able to train these monsters then he must have had some way to control them and I bet whatever it is, is still here in the Vaults… somewhere.

Manticores are very rare on Lore but if you've ever been unlucky enough to come across one then you know that they are one of the most vicious creatures ever. They prowl the skies on silent bat wings, strike with the speed of a scorpion… even their bite is filled with poisonous venom… and they are completely fearless like lions.

Sir Valence?
It's not easy being a sworn Pactogonal Knight and having to wear a full set of armor while I stay hidden and keep an eye on threats to the realm. I was able to make a few custom alterations to the armor that make it as silent as cloth. Now I can keep vigialnt for danger, and never put myself in more danger than I need to.

- Manticore AC Shop
- Sir Valence's Quests

After completing Sir Valence's Quests:

Pactogonal Knight
The Chaos Manticore has fallen, but I saw the look that Lionfang gave to you. There was nothing in that glare but hatred and madness. Good luck finding him and tracking him with the tracking rune you placed on the Tears of the Mother.

- Manticore AC Shop
- Challenge Fight

Location: The Venom Vaults


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