Sir Valence (Cutscene)


«Scene fades into King Alteon's personal quarters, where the Hero runs in.»

Hero: Your Highness, I have found the cure for your illness!

Princess Victoria: You found a cure for the chaorruption?

«Hero holds up a vial.»

Hero: Yes! These are the last tears of the woman who became the Mother of Monsters before she gave up her humanity.
Hero: It's the Darkblood's most sacred relic but they have given me the choice to use it as I see fit.

Princess Victoria: What are we waiting for, Father drink this!

King Alteon: No, dear daughter.

Hero: I'm not sure you understand, sire. You are too valuable to the Great Truce to lose.
Hero: There are only enough tears to remove the chaos from one person.

King Alteon: Exactly.

«Scene zooms in on King Alteon.»

King Alteon: I feel the chaos digging deeper into my every day but…
King Alteon: … I am only one man. Curing me is a terrible and selfish waste of their power.

«Scene shifts view from King Alteon to the Hero.»

King Alteon: You must use them to strip Lionfang of his Chaos powers and save all whom he threatens.

Princess Victoria: Father, no. Please.

«Scene zooms out.»

King Alteon: There there, my dear.
King Alteon: <Hero> found these Tears when everyone said chaorruption had no cure.
King Alteon: Perhaps another cure can be found.
King Alteon: <Hero>, you have brought us hope of a cure. That is enough.

«Scene zooms back in on King Alteon.»

King Alteon: But you have a greater threat to attend to.
King Alteon: My Pactogonal Knight, Sir Valence, has been ordered to track Lionfang's movements.
King Alteon: He has tracked Lionfang to Thunderforge and his new base, the Venom Vaults.

«Scene zooms back out.»

King Alteon: Meet Sir Valence and do what you can to stop Maximilian Lionfang.

Hero: As you wish, sire.

«Hero runs out of the quarters, and the screen fades out to black, fading back into the The Venom Vaults Base.»

Later, at the gates of The Venom Vaults…

«the screen fades out to black, then fading in on a close up of the front doors to the base.»

Sir Valence: Over here, hero.

«Scene shifts to show Sir Valence revealing himself.»

Hero: I didn't even see you.

Sir Valence: I've learned to keep myself out of sight and go unnoticed while I watch my quarry.

Hero: That can't be easy in a full suit of armor. What have you seen?

Sir Valence: After the fall of Onslaught Tower, Lionfang was looking for a new base.
Sir Valence: He found this place and has been working his soldiers day and night to reshape it.
Sir Valence: Since his chaos powers changed his riding lion into the Chaos Manticore it seemed like a good fit…
Sir Valence: …since the prince who lived here had several pet manticores which he trained.

«Scene fades out to show the Chaos Manticore. »

Sir Valence: Lionfang has been focusing his energy onto the Chaos Manticore.

«Fades out into a zoom on Lionfang.»

Sir Valence: It's grown huge and he's been training it to hunt the remaining Darkblood and Gravelyn's forces from the air.

«Scene changes to show Lionfang whipping his Manticore to train him.»

Sir Valence: With the Chaos Manticore becoming such a threat to the realm, it has become our primary concern.
Sir Valence: We've got to take it down before you can face Lionfang.

Hero: OK, what's the plan?

Sir Valence: As a matter of fact, Lionfang has already given us a little help…

«Scene fades»

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