Sir Rhagar the Grey

Wolfhound Warrior, Lord Defender
Hail, Hero! You know my name, and I know yours. I've heard songs of your great deeds in battle, and I wish to invite you to don the mantle of the Wolfhound Warriors. We accept only the best into our ranks!

Click the buttons below to learn how to unlock my gear!

Wolfhound Gear?
Unlock the Wolfhound Warrior gear when you upgrade your account or purchase AdventureCoins. Different upgrade and AC packages come with different items. Click the button on the left for a list of what gear comes in each package.

- Wolfhound Gear

Special Gear Pass?
With the Fantasy Hero Pass, you can unlock all of the Wolfhound Warrior gear now, and will receive the full sets of both the Dragon Emperor and Dark Warlock sets when they release. Click the button on the left for a list of what gear comes in each package.

- Special Pass Gear

Glowing Chest?
That glowing chest by my feet? I do not know WHAT it is. It emanates evil, though. There was a note left with it, too: "To unlock a prize from inside Dage's chest, find his Dark Key from the Wheel of Doom or Destiny. One winner will find, to their surprise, from inside a custom-made item will rise!" That sounds almost like a poem, and like a very intresting prize.

- Spin the Wheel

Location: Battleon


Thanks to Saopaulino1999.

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