Sir Chandestroy

Wounded Pactagonal Knight
"*Gasping for breath* By the fates DO NOT GO IN THERE! That thing is no Unicorn… it is an impossible MONSTER! He can use the skill of any Boss Monster in the world. Even a full group of coordinated level 50s would not stand a chance. Hey! Did you hear what I said? Why are you going in there?"

Inside that cave is Binky the Magical Man Eating Unicorn. He escaped from Grimskull's dungeon and has been terrorizing the country side. We finally tracked him here to this cave. My entire squad of Knights was ripped to shreds.

You still thinking about fighting that… thing!? I hear rumors that his Uni-horn is capable of breaking apart "The Most Powerful Weapon in the World." Whatever that means…

Based on what I saw, you will need a skilled group of level 50 players. Bring at least 2 healers! …and use the settings by clicking the gear icon below, and turn your graphics quality to low. You will need to react fast to what is happening.

Location: Binky (Location)
Note: Also see List of all Pactagonal Knights.


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