Silent Mirror Chaos Spirit

Location: Chaos Twin Print Shop - Book of Lore
Price: 0 AC
Sellback: 0 AC
Rarity: Collector's Rare Rarity
Description: The mystical feline holds many secrets, and has an affinity for Unicorn-Kin. You have tamed the DestinyKitten… inasmuch as any DestinyCat CAN be! Chaos is all around you… and it's most deceptive when it takes the form of Good AND Evil! Click on the sprite to open its shop OR change its form to a NEW sprite, and a new pet!

  • Click to change between Good and Evil.
  • Opens the Good Twin Shop or Bad Twin Shop for only the owner when the "!" is clicked on.
  • Previously called "Mirror Chaos Spirit".

Thanks to Alina, TheAmazingAsuka and Yukiko Deisori.

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