DragonSlayer General Trainer
Well met, Hero. While others may treat you with scorn, I have heard of your deeds. The name is Sigurd. Dragons are a terrible foe and need to be cleansed from these lands. If you would like to learn I can teach you the ways to becoming a general for the Dragonslayers.

What is a DragonSlayer General?
Congratulations! You have proven your worthiness to don the armor and abilities of a Dragonslayer General! Only the best can quell the wrath of such impossibly powerful beasts and live to tell the tale.

How to get?
To become a Dragonslayer General, you must travel to /dragontown and speak with Galanoth to either merge it with materials and Gold requested or purchase it for Adventure Coins.

- Dragon Town
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Fighter, Lucky.
Commanding a cadre of dragonslayers on the most dangerous of expeditions, Dragonslayer Generals gain a plethora of additional abilities when fighting Dragonkin. While they are able to Taunt enemies to redirect their attacks, strengthen their own attacks, and increase their chance for critical strikes, against Dragons, these abilities are all increased and they gain the power to inflict a damage over time.

Location: Class Hall B


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