Sigrid Sunshield (NPC)

I am Sigrid Sunshield, ArchPaladin of Lightguard. King Alteon invited me to Swordhaven to make a new base for our Order. We're looking for new recruits and other organizations to cooperate with. It's been a long time since I've returned to the Capital, and I'm looking forward to filling this building with new faces. Other leaders have been invited to set up base here as well.

The city is filled with promising warriors, but I remember a Knight that broke all of his chivalrous promises…I once fought alongside Queen Lynaria. She and King Alteon were betrayed by their best friend, Sir Valen Pulchure. He would go on to become Emperor Sepulchure of the Shadowyscythe, and I would fail to destroy him. To make up for that, I will fight the darkness to my last breath.

There are several Orders of Paladins, mine being one of them. We strive to fight the undead and defeat the darkness, but there are those who focus on protecting the innocent, and others who fully serve Lady Celeritas. It depends on which Order you approach. Most of the leaders I know are gathering in Swordhaven to swear loyalty to the former Champion of Light's family.

May the light shine eternal and sweep all wrongdoing from this world. Though the darkness has always threatened the lives of the innocent, the Light has given us the strength to fight back. The last Champion fought in the name of justice, but she has since passed. In her place, the Light Elementals have graciously lent us their aid and magic. My own weapon is imbued with their might, though my body does tire…

Location: Swordhaven


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