Sigrid Sunshield (NPC)


May the Light shine eternal, and sweep all wrongdoings from this world. The Lightguard's purpose is pure: we fight Evil, and destroy Darkness. My Paladins arrived with the intention of aiding Lady Celestia- yet we're met with baseless accusations as soon as we arrive? We would never collude with pirates! Ah, lower your hackles. I will talk with the priestess, and leave you to handle the malformed Dragon. We must have been framed.

The Dragon Priestess has levied a grace accusation against the Lightguard. She posits that we are refusing to return vital records that were written during her time under our Order's auspices, and tipped off a pirate. We would never! There is not a single paladin in our ranks that would betray her trust or work with a criminal! Despite her calm demeanor, I believe Lady Celestia is hysterical with grief over the loss of this dragon egg.

Lady Celestia is a well-respected figure in Greenguard, and loved by many members of my order. That's why I felt it was necessary to meet her personally. I am one of the leaders of the Lightguard- and am guided and strengthened by Astero, the Emissary of Light. Only missions approved or given by Astero are given our attention. This prevents wasting resources- as well as the needless loss of life and promise - on unnecessary affairs.

I have no great love for Dragons. The most notable are those who spread mayhem and Evil. The rest are too aloof to bother themselves with the troubles of us insects. That Water Dragon you're about to slay…it is a shame a pirate stole it, but recent events lead me to believe that this is a blessing in disguise. Water is becoming as volatile as Darkness. You could be putting a deadly threat to rest early.




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