Shutdown Initiated



«The New Year Lab is seen, then a shadowy figure destroys the new year ball»

???: Ahahaha! All will feel my power, and none shall deny it!
???: I - Professor Iadoa - am the Master of Time, the Temporal Tyrant!
Iadoa: History is so… rich with disaster and happiness, filled with death and life! It is rife with Chaos!

«Lim's sclock stops at 11:59pm»

Lim: Iadoa! You've been missing for DECADES! The Academy thought you'd squinched yourself!

Iadoa: BAH! As if *I* could be torn apart in the streams of Time!
Iadoa: Your grandfather never DID have a clear vision of what COULD be, you little button-pusher, you gear-golem.
Iadoa: In the Timestream, I saw… wonders, marvels… and - and Him!

«Drakath makes Iadoa chaotic»

Lim: You don't mean -

Iadoa: I DO! And oh, the phenomenal paradoxes I shall create at his behest!
Iadoa: Imagine Dinkelheim Slugwrath forced to endure the machinations of Zorbak XIII's prodigious offspring! Beautious!
Iadoa: And it will ALL begin with… THIS! Halting the progress of Time! There will be NO New Year THIS year!
Iadoa: Merged Timestreams will be as nothing - or EVERYTHING - to the Chaos I shall create after this!

«Scene fades»

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