Celestial Emissary
You can see me? Then you are no ordinary Lorian! I am Daru, an envoy from the heavens above. The Star Festival is a time not only to celebrate the beauty of one couple’s wish coming true, but to make one yourself. We Celestial Daruma are tasked with traveling across Lore and granting some of the world’s wishes. Would you like to help me grant some?

Daruma dolls, much like myself, are symbols of perseverance and good luck. When one purchases a Daruma, its eyes are blank- the left is filled when the owner has a wish or goal they seek, and when they achieve it, the right is filled as well. The dolls are then burnt at the end of the year. Celestial Daruma, like myself, are born from these ceremonies!

During the Tanabata, it is Yokai tradition for many to write a wish on a Tanzaku slip- a small piece of paper- with the hope that they will be granted in the coming days. And that is where the Daruma like me come in- to take these wishes and do our best to make them come true. Although, that is a bit of a problem this year.

Lore has seen so much since the last Tanabata. War, disaster, and grand symphonies of destruction have burned their way into the minds of its denizens. As such, many people have their own new wishes to make. So many, in fact, that we Daruma have our hands full trying to grant them all.

Wish Granting?
To say we can grant every wish is a bit too much. We cannot change the world for every man’s desires, or Lore would spiral into chaos. But we can help everyone’s dreams move forward in other ways, like a small gift or a reassuring dream…and sometimes, that is exactly what they truly need.

- Shorinzan's Quests

After completing the 'A Chaotic Wish' quest:

Celestial Emissary
Fantastic work, strange Lorian…. You truly are something special! As Tanabata comes to a close, though, I realize that there is one more person who has yet to make a wish. Come and write a Tanzaku of your own- you’ve earned it!

And so the Star festival comes to an end. I can see the flames of the burning Daruma rise in the distance. It’s time for me and my brothers to return to the stars. Do not be sad- we will return upon the next year’s celebrations, to continue aiding the wish-makers of Lore. Perhaps if you visit the /YokaiRiver, the celestials will send you a sign to let you know they have received your own wish!

Hero's Wish
What is your wish?

- Shorinzan's Quests
- Shorinzan Merge Shop

Location: Star Festival


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