Dragonsoul Shinobi Trainer
Welcome, adventurer. Fortune has indeed smiled on you this day, bringing you where you can obtain the swiftness of a ninja and the might of the dragon, both together in one terrifying form, The Dragonsoul Shinobi.

What is a Dragonsoul Shinobi?
While ninjas by themselves are impressive enough, there is an even more impressive state they can be. Using both the dexterity of their skills of a Ninja and training in the ways of the Dragon, they shall become a Dragonsoul Shinobi, a master of brutal warfare with deadly precision and grace.

How to get?
To become a Dragonsoul Shinobi, you must travel to /shadowfortress and help Ai No Miko. Afterwards you must trade in 300 Dragon Shinobi Tokens within her shop.

- Shadow Fortress

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Thief, Lucky.
DragonSoul Shinobis battles foes with toxic Shadow Kunai and Flaming Dragon strikes. They can also revitalize themselves by focusing their mana on Chi Heal, and then regain that mana by meditating.

Location: Class Hall B


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