Sheevra Magic



«Scene: Aermhar about to strike»

Aermhar: You'll never defeat me!
Aermhar: The only thing that can stand up against Sheevra magic is Sheevra magic!

«Scene: The Hero's group on one side of the screen, with Aermhar on the other and Barb lying against a tree in the middle»

Barb: Owww. What happened? Where AM I?

Beleen, Hero, Sora, and Samba: Barb!

Aermhar: Scriptkeeper! You have awakened!

«Barb looks at Aermhar»

Barb: Do… do I know you?

Aermhar: Of course you do. child. We have grown so close.

Barb: Aermhar…

Aermhar: That's right.

Hero: Barb, no! You have to fight this!

Barb: I … I remember you.

Sora to Hoshi: You can resist him!

Barb: It's all coming back to me now.

Aermhar: Yes! YES! My exquisite apprentice!

«Scene: Barb stands between the Hero's group and Aermhar»

Aermhar: Show them what I've taught you! Use your magic to BURN these intruders to the ground!

«Barb fires a blast of fire from her book»

«At Aermhar»

Barb: I'll burn something to the ground.

«Scene: Inside the Sheevra mansion with the Wandering Guests»

Keera: Did anyone hear that?

Dyella: What's going on?

«Scene: Outside the mansion with the Hero's group and Barb»

Hero: Uh-oh.

Barb: We'd better get out of here.

Sora to Hoshi: Yep.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: The Hero, Samba, Beleen, Sora, and Barb in Mystcroft Forest»

Beleen: And then you were like… I am the Scriptkeeper!

Barb: Oh, no, how embarrassing.

Samba: Nah, you looked really cool.

Sora to Hoshi: Really saved our butts there at the end, too.

Barb: No way. You guys saved mine!
Barb: …even if it did take awhile.

Sora to Hoshi: Yeah… sorry about that.

Hero: We had a lot going on.

Barb: It's fine. I was having fun. I think.

Barb: Studying magic… dressing up and going to balls with supematural royalty.

Hero: Almost sounds like you wish you stayed!

Barb: No way! I'm glad to be back home.
Barb: It might have been exciting, but it wasn't me.
Barb: And I didn't have my friends.

«Scene fades»

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