She Is Magnificent


«Scene: Outside Cleric Joy's tent in the Broken Woods»

Cleric Joy: This potion SHOULD heal Aria's natural body while killing off the "monstrous" parts.
Cleric Joy: In theory, it will heal her back to what she was before.
Cleric Joy: But it's specific to human anatomy, and we haven't found any other "reshapen" humans yet…
Cleric Joy: …so, unfortunately, we can't really test it first.

Hero: I understand. I'll let you know how it goes.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Deeper inside the Broken Woods»

Madra: I hope this works.

Hero: You and me, both.
Hero: Though it's kind of a long shot… it's based on a cure that barely works even now.

«Hero walks offscreen»

Madra: I suppose we will find out soon enough.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Eremon and the other Darkblood who went on the pilgrimage block the Hero and Madra's paths»

Eremon: No. You will not.

Madra: Eremon!

Eremon: We will not let anyone harm Kolyaban, or any of her beautiful creations.
Eremon: Not even you, Primarch.

Madra: Stand aside, Eremon. I don't want to fight you.

Eremon: Then you should not have betrayed us!
Eremon: You joined with outsiders against the first of our race — against our mother herself!

Madra: Eremon, you don't understand. You haven't seen-

Eremon: But I have!
Eremon: We have found Kolyaban, and she is magnificent!
Eremon: Behold, what she has done for us!

«Eremon steps aside to reveal the Hive, an amalgamation of three different Darkblood»

«The Hero recoils in surprise»

Eremon: She is more powerful than you ever were.

«Scene fades»

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