She Cannot Leave


«Scene: Safiria sniffs the air»

Safiria: Something's coming.

Hero: I don't see anything.

Safiria: *whine*

Hero: Come on. It's just your nerves.
Hero: Everything's ok. I promise.

«Exclamation marks appear over Safiria's head»

Safiria: He's here!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Safiria and the Hero are confronted by the Fragment of Doom»

Hero: Sepulchure!
Hero: It's alright, he's here to help us.

Fragment Of Doom: She cannot leave.

Hero: Wait… what?
Hero: Why not? You've been guiding me straight to her… what am I missing?

«The Fragment of Doom rises up»

Fragment Of Doom: She cannot leave! She is the key!

Hero: Man! I'm starting to think you're NOT gonna help me out!

«Scene fades»

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