Shattered Knight (NPC)

The mirror reflection of a knight. That you beat up.
Don't get it in your head that I'm helping you because I'm scared, or because I'm really just a nice guy underneath. Truth is, this place is locked down pretty tight, and it's been a long time since I've seen any heroes come through. I could use the distraction.

To get through the maze, you have to defeat its guardian. Or rather, you have to defeat the guardian's reflection. It's only visible when the mirror catches the light just SO. Unfortunately, the mirror is currently broken, as you can see. So… fix the mirror, adjust the light, fight the guardian. Easy, right?

- Shattered Knight's Quests

After completing the 'Hit Reverse' quest:

A guardian knight. That you beat up.
What? YOU?!?! I never expected you to make it this far! This has been entertaining, but obviously I can't let you go any further. En garde!

After completing the 'Kick His Glass!' quest:

A guardian knight. That you beat up.
You may think you've won, but it's not over yet! You'll NEVER make it to the tip of that tower!

After completing the 'What's Worse Than Minotaurs?' quest:

A guardian knight. That you beat up.
You may have beaten me, but this isn't over yet! I've left a special surprise for you in the next room. This is your last chance to turn back! …but after that thrashing you gave me, I really hope you don't.

- Shattered Knight's Quests

Location: ShatterGlass Maze

Thanks to Retic and Tris.

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