Shamrock Fairy


The Green Greeter
OOoooOOO! A mortal! Hmm. Noooo. Not-quite-a-human stands here in my portal. You're a good deal more, and but look much less. If your fellows knew, they'd be QUITE impressed. But that won't matter much to My Lady Fair. IF you see her, take care, take care!

Tell Me More!
Clever mortal, to query thus. You'll not know very much of us. But I may not illumine you. The Queen it is who'll tell you true! She lives within, she lives on high. To EARN her favor, you must try. But I will guide you, timeless one, with quests to teach you, lead you on.

The Queen?
Yes yes yes, of COURSE the Lady! Who else would rule here? Hardly ME!

Where is Here?
"This is the Grove of the Summer Fae. The border between your world, our Realm, where Night meets Day. This is the time of the changeling child, of midnight revels dark and wild, when the veil between our worlds grows thin. When mortals find a way within. The Dark Ones may not enter here; our bright hearts turn their rage to fear."

- Shamrock Fairy's Quests
- Faerie Queen's Rep

Location: Fae Grove


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