Shadowscythe Juggernaut
So we meet again, *Player Name*. Good, good.

I'm surprised. I didn't really think you'd take up my offer back in Northpointe.

The Shadowscythe is Lore's single most powerful faction. The Undead Legion, Nulgath's Nation - they all bow to us. You may serve them if you wish, but why bother—when you can work for those who command them?

The Empress of the Shadowscythe is still young, but she is no different from her father in his youth. The same brash ferocity has served we'll. And she is still learning.

Who are you?
Who am I? A simple warrior in service to the Empress. I had the honor of fighting alongside Valen long before he became a DoomKnight. And even after his death, I continue to serve his daughter with all my might. My arm is her arm; my blade is her blade.

- Shakaz's Quests
- Evil Rep Shop



Thanks to Tristyn.

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