Shadowslayer Z

Vampire and Werewolf Hunter
The beasts that lurk in the shadows are restless. I normally wouldn't leave Darkovia, lest a major threat emerges in my absence but the other Shadowslayers will have to hold the fort down. King Alteon has invited me and representatives from other organizations to Swordhaven. If we officially declare that we'll ally with Swordhaven, the royal family will support and fund all efforts to uphold justice.

The terrors of Darkovia are endless, and Shadowslayers dedicate their lives to hunt them. Our blood is spilled in exchange for preventing those monsters from reaching the innocent. That's a lot of tall talk, huh? A den's worth of stray vampires or werewolves aren't a problem, but we need all the help we can get when war or worse boils out of control.

The Shadowslayers are fighting to keep the darkness at bay. But we aren't arrogant enough to refuse help. The ruler of Greenguard has extended an invitation to the Shadowslayers and other organizations. Agreeing to cooperate with the Swordhaven royalty will get us funding, supplies, and manpower. This is a no brainer, so long as I don't have to attend stuffy galas.

Constantin rules over the werewolves, and Safiria rules over the vampires. Not to say that there aren't strays, most of which happen to need to be dealt with by the Shadowslayers. But from what I hear, they sense a change in the air. The vampires and werewolves swear loyalty only to their own rulers, but have concerns that they'll be lumped in with the ilk of the Shadowscythe.

Location: Swordhaven


Thanks to Tempu.

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