ShadowSlayer K

Wandering ShadowSlayer
Oh, hey, <Hero>. You just popped up out of nowhere. Strange, how you can do that. You hungry? Because I sure am. Battles aren't won on empty stomachs and I'm not keen on losing to hunger. That's why I just grabbed this tomato juice, is it? O_O I think the kitchen might need restocking. If you help me out, there just might be something in it for you.

As all fair transactions go, you help me and I compensate you for your efforts with a wide selection of trinkets.

From where?
I travel a lot. Isn't it part of my job description? Interesting things seem to fall in my possession when wandering to different places and meeting new people. I'm sure you know all about it with the fancy gear you've got. Help us with our supply situation and this equipment is yours to keep.

- ShadowSlayer K's Quests
- ShadowSlayer K Merge
- Farming Quests

Location: Safiria's Castle (Location)


Thanks to Anonymous Joe.

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