Shadowslayer D

Hollowborn ShadowSlayer
I didn't overcome the Shadow Fiend's trial just to stand around. The others shouldn't expect me to be here for long, but I owe them. Behind me are two beasts chained by my magic; a Lycan and a Vampire. Considering what they are, I'd say killing them would be a blessing. For now, I'm putting that off so you, Dr. Neelo, and the rest of my brethren have a chance to study and test your skills against them.

You got questions?

The death of my mortal life came when I held off an entire mansion of vampires to give my companions time to escape. I would have turned into another terror of the night if it weren't for the Shadow Fiend finding me in my final mortal moments. I overcame his trial, and my old friends pointed their blades at me when they realized I wasn't human anymore. I'm still a Shadowslayer, and it'll stay that way even if the others spit at me.

Strange Nature
The…creatures I'm guarding aren't Hollowborn in the way L'dia, Hel Fo, Neelo and I are. Perhaps this Vampire and Lycan used to be human, turned into monsters, before becoming Hollowborn. Then, centuries passed, and even more of their humanity eroded. What's left of them is a monstrous shape made of the forces that make us Hollowborn. We're wondering if the same could one day happen to us.

Dr. Neelo was the one who asked for a favor. The Hollowborn took me in when my friends put me on their kill list. I despise the idea of letting these monsters live, but I would never turn away a fellow Hollowborn…even if it's an eccentric like Dr. Neelo. He needed an expert to bind the Vampire and Lycan while he observes their behavior in combat. L'dia and Hel Fo tested their skill against these beasts, so now it's your turn.

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Location: Hollowborn Challenge
Note: Also see Hollowborn Shadowslayer.


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