Ninja Class Trainer
Ninjas are the masters of stealth and the deadly arts, operating in silent secrecy. Much like an Assassin, Ninjas and quick and surreptitious, eliminating the threat of resistance. In order to become a Ninja, one must seek out Mazumi in Greenguard Forest.

How to get?
You can buy Ninja Class from Mazumi's shop in /greenguardwest, or I can sell it to you here.

- Mazumi's Shop
- Go to Mazumi

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Thief
Ninja can be both offensive and defensive. By maintaining constant dodge via alternating between Shadowblade and Shadowburn, Ninja is a potent defensive solo class at the cost of low damage.

Offensive Ninja
Alternately, using Shadowburn while Shadowblade is active will stun the target for 3 seconds— time these two skills well and you'll take a target out of commission for up to 9 seconds. Use Thin Air to increase your Haste and Dodge Chance, while using Crosscut to deal additional damage.

Location: Class Hall A


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