ShadowKnight Gar (NPC)

ShadowFlame Turncoat
We aren't on speaking terms yet. Scram. You've got friends looking for you at /ruinedcrown.

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After completing the 'Guilt Complex' quest:

ShadowFlame Turncoat
The Keep's changed a lot since you broke in, juggled the locusts, and bounced. In fact, it's only gotten a lot worse. The portal to the Timestream is under tighter security but not because we're trying to keep intruders out. You'll see what I mean when we get there. And when we do, I want front seats to you tearing his head off! Get it? It'd fit with how you beheaded the Queen of Monsters…tch, guess you're not a fan of flattery.

Mana Affliction
The exploding disease is proof that Malgor never knew what he was doing in the first place. Your friends are lucky they get to go through the mood swings and coma stages. Some of us bursted like blisters the moment Malgor tried to corrupt the Core. If the Core does have a mind of its own, it's gunning to take us out first, then move on to you. Heh, good luck with that.

What a waste of all that strength! The ability to rip an Avatar's powers away from them, and wield it himself. It doesn't mean anything when Malgor's a fake hack. He doesn't know how to use those powers or his followers right. Poor planning lost him artifacts and allies. If there was any strat beyond “that thingamajig would help me get to the Mana Core.” Who was he before all this? No idea. Guy popped in outta nowhere.

My history? None of your business, unless you're willing to slide me a deal after you pat the dirt down on Malgor's grave. Let's just say this, I was never welcomed by the people lording over the Good factions. Believe it or not, I don't have a taste for Evil either. I could've struck out on my own but…this is the first time I've made a decision on my own in a while. I'm a bit lost without a boss…

- ShadowKnight Gar's Quests

After completing the 'Canaries on Edge' quest:

ShadowFlame Turncoat
Meet me inside - we need to get to the portal!

- Find Gar - Takes you to Screen 6

Location: Time Keep


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