Shadowflames Spread


«Gravelyn has disrupted Hero and Sepulchuroth's battle, standing in the middle»

Gravelyn: <Hero>, NO!

«Scene changes to Queen of Monster in her throneroom witha mirror showing previous scene, in the throneroom is also a (guy with armour and wings)»

Queen of Monsters: Ah, my pet. You delicious little morsel of manipulation.
Queen of Monsters: What would your daughter - or her new foster father - say if he saw you now?
Queen of Monsters: Your husband will serve me elsewhere. Your daughter will be my eyes in Embersea.
Queen of Monsters: But you… YOU will become a tool… Soon.
Queen of Monsters: Right now - I hear the shadows screaming. The time has come.

«The mirror disappears and the Queen of Monsters casts a spell, then splitscreen: On the left, Queen of Monsters. On the right, Sepulchuroth»

Queen of Monsters: Ah, my pretty beast. So twisted inside. So ripe.
Queen of Monsters: Such a glorious monster already, but once I'm done with you…
Queen of Monsters: Generations from now, the world will curse your name.
Queen of Monsters: And your daughter… will despise what you become.

«The Queen of Monsters stops casting the spell burning Sepulchuroth, and making a human figure shoot off it, disappearing into soul, it then floating away»

Queen of Monsters: Sepulchure. DoomKnight. Destroyer of Nations. Former mortal, yes?
Queen of Monsters: Your spirit is so dark, so strong, there is no humanity left in you.
Queen of Monsters: You were a monster in human skin. My child, and you didn't even know it.
Queen of Monsters: I will bin you to me. You will serve, willing or not.
Queen of Monsters: Those pulling mortals cannot contain one such as you.
Queen of Monsters: And I will not let them use what should be mine. Sepulchure: I am no one's slave.
Queen of Monsters: *laughs* There is no escape from MY shadows.
Queen of Monsters: They are my blood, my breathe, my sustenance when I had no other food..
Queen of Monsters: My shadows will be your world.

Sepulchure: I become Shadows Made Flesh. I AM Darkness.
Sepulchure: Where there is darkness, I am home.

Queen of Monsters: Ah, but that is my point, my pretty little shadow-prince -
Queen of Monsters: Where monsters live, I rule. i am their Queen. YOUR Queen too, now.

Sepulchure: We shall see, Beast Queen. We shall see.

«Scene changes to Akriloth flying off, then to Gravelyn, Charolus, Kyron and Hero watching it»

Charolus: Did he just -

Kyron: He was glowing. He roared and then… I'm not sure WHAT I just saw.

Hero: You saw a host being strippe of its spirit. One of them.
Hero: I could feel as Akriloth's spirit rushed to fill the space Sepulchure's had taken.

Kyron: But what does that MEAN?

Gravelyn: The Queen. SHE did this. Somehow… I don't KNOW how, but…

Charolus: Yeeeees… I can feel it. She is… pleased.

Hero: Too much has happened here. We AL need to fall back, take stock.
Hero: A ceasefire, until we know more. Agreed?

Kyron: This is NOT finished, Charolus.

Charolus: True. We have not taken the rest of the islands yet.

Gravelyn: I agree to the ceasefire. For now. Mark my words, Monsterspawn…
Gravelyn: I am the Empress of the Shadows. There is nowhere your Queen can hide.

«Sepulchure's soul goes to Gravelyn's throneroom, forging with the Doomblade»

Doomblade: …Gravelyn… My daughter…

«Scene fades»

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