Shadowflame Phedra (Cutscene)


«Scene: Screen 11 of Fire Plane Invasion»

Galanoth: Lady Fiamme should be just ahead!

«Shadowflame Phedra appears»

Hero: The Phedra?! But how?
Hero: I heard that Navanna had captured it and has it roosting outside of Brightoak!

Galanoth: This isn't the real Fire Titan. Only the Fire Plane's manifestation of it.

Hero: Right, we couldn't kill the REAL Fire Titan. It's a part of Lore and element of Fire itself.

Galanoth: Seeing that it is corrupted by the Shadowflame, I fear we may be too late.

Hero: It doesn't matter! I'm not letting this burnt chicken get in our way!
Hero: We will save Lady Fiamme!

«Hero jumps and swings weapon»

«Scene fades»

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