Shadow Thief Ghost's Quests

Quest Location: Bludrut Keep 4
Quests Begun From: Shadow Thief Ghost
Requirements: Must have completed Water Thief Ghost's Quests.

The fact that you have delved this far into Bludrut Keep speaks much of your abilities. You may be the hero I have been waiting for all these years. Are you the one who can finally free me from this terrible curse? On this level dwell Wicked Witches and Shadow Serpents, who serve the Dark Elemental that rules this part of the dungeon. If you can prove yourself by slaying forty of their number, I will unlock the door that stands between you and this Dark monstrosity. (Bring back forty Dark Essences to complete this quest.)

Items Required:


  • 140 Gold
  • 140 Exp

Thanks to Nightly.

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