Shadic Shasaya (NPC)

Chaotic Slayer Mystic Hero
Are you feeling lucky, Hero? Good! because Chaos. Is. HERE!

Hero…they keep calling me that. This world, this "Lore"… it's very different to my world. That golden Paladin and his companions certainly made me feel welcome and gave me a purpose, but…they don't know who I am back in my world. The crimes I was framed for, the dark deeds that I was forced to carry out…I had to constantly wacth over my shoulder and remain hidden in the shadows just to stay alive.

Now I am suddenly revered and loved by everyone in this world, all because of my destiny they say. It's not something I could get used to easily. A part of me wants to return home to my few friends, but I have a duty here in this world to fulfill, apparently.

Drakath…I should thank him for this power. The power of Chaos is amazing, and I almost completely fell into its intoxicating embrace.

I'm still surprised that my soul was strong enough to meld the Chaos power into my complete control, and even into this blade in my hand. I suppose that's the nature of Chaos…unpredictable at any time. I've never felt this much power before, even Drakath seemed surprised by my control over it as well…hmph, some Champion of Chaos.

If I’m destined to defeat him, then I’ll have to learn to use this power more as a Chaos Arbiter.

This tournament should help me hone my skills, with all of this variety of fighters for me to train against. Well then…come what may.

Location: Hero Lobby


Thanks to Amduscia.

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