Mad Haberdasher
Everyone looks better in a hat, don't you think? Come, sit here, in front of the mirror. Try this on! No — this one. Why isn't this fittling correcly? It's molded to the shape of a Dravix head! What? You're not a Dravix? But you look like one! *squints* Or… maybe you don't.

Too much mercury… in the felting. It affects me, yes. Sometimes I cry and I don't know why. And my memory… often fails me. But I'm not insane! Why do they think I'm insane?

Would you like to buy a hat?

- Sha'Riel's Quests
- Shav'Riel's Helms

Location: Dragonhame


Thanks to Apus and Saopaulino1999.

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