Severance Package


Chapter 6: Severance Package

«Hero defating Pettivox in Pettivox's dungeon. Then Subrysa near Pettivox. Then to Hero and Conn releasing the mages and giving them their focus stones back»

Hero: So… what exactly did THAT do?

Conn: Mmmm. I'm always starved of the hunger after big spells like that.
Conn: The chains AND their focus stones bound them to Pettivox. It was in his tome. With the circle broken and the chains off, we severed their connection to him.

Hero: So we were in time! And they'll not see any lasting effects from this?

Alina: <Hero>… In m-my pack over there. Restorative vials. Parcel them out.
Alina: Their magic will quicken our blood and bolster any remnants of power left.
Alina: Enough to *cough* keep us going 0 now that we have our foci again - until the burned-out channels in our minds are refreshed.

«Scenes changes to Conn, Hero, Duchess and Rowan somewhere in Wellmet»

Duchess: On behalf of the people of Wellmet, and all of Lore, I thank you.
Duchess: It is significant that this victory occurred here in Wellmet, I think. With the nature of magic being what it is, and with Chaos continually presenting a problem.
Duchess: Conn, my magisters inform me that YOU were the one who performed this… working. That you enacted the salvation of our world's greatest magic users. Is this true?

Conn: Mostly true. I had help, and lots of it. But I think, I think it's not always good to trust your helpers, you know?

Duchess: You tread perilously close towards impertinence. In this one instance, though, I shall overlook it, and acknowledge your point.
Duchess: Pettivox WILL be dealt with. I trust my word is enough to guarantee your satisfaction, Conn? And you, <Hero>?

«Both Conn and Hero nods. Then to Drakath at his throne with the Chaos Twins»

Xing: He tried to do a VERY mighty task.
Xing: I could feel the tides of magic starting to grow erratic.

Xang: Tried and failed.
Xang: Until prizes are awarded for "Most Successful Failure," he gets nothing.

Drakath: Silence, both of you. Pettivox will be dealt with. And to MY satisfaction, which is all that matters.
Drakath: Xing, Xang, prepare for a journey. Enough time has been wasted on this.

«Scene changes to Hero resting, Warlic kneeling next to Hero, Cysero and Conn eating next to Battleon Town»

Cysero: So that big bruiser back in Wellmet bakes these? We have GOT to trade recipes.
Cysero: But as I was saying… you needn't worry about the magic. Any that escaped when Pettypants got knocked out will be naturally reabsorbed into the ley lines over time.
Cysero: Only one mage I know of is meant to hold that much pure power, and it sure ain't him.

Warlic: Cysero and I have already designed preventative measures. This will not happen again.
Warlic: Together, we will construct Chaos-filters and place them across every nexus on Lore. It is too dangerous to leave them unprotected.

Cysero: And with a little soupcorn of ingenuity and a dash of Mandelbrotian logic, the filters will attempt to predict shifts in any Chaos infiltration.
Cysero: Can't fight the RNG without a little LUK, my mother always said.

Hero: For someone so young and with your unique combination of skills, you've seen a lot, haven't you?

Conn: I make a good thief, me and my quick hands. But I make an even BETTER mage.
Conn: I haven't seen enough, not even close! And Nevery and me, we've got years of tricks and spells to teach each other yet.

Hero: I bet you do. I'm sure I'll be hearing stories about you for years to come, Conn. Sure as sure.

«Conn throws his food at a Misery Eel that comes into scene and cutscene ends»

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