Adventure Guide
If you want to live through this fight, listen carefully.

Target Your Enemy: CLICK ONCE to target an enemy. Then CLICK AGAIN, or double click, to attack.

Using Skills: You can also use your second skill by clicking it or using the number key "2" on your keyboard. You will unlock new skills as you adventure and gain experience.

Auto Attack: You do not need to continue clicking your target after you have begun attacking.

After Defeating the Skeleton Troopers at Tutorial and going to Screen 5

Adventure Guide
Quests are an important part of Adventure Quest Worlds. They are a good source of XP and Gold. They also move the story along. Be sure to read them carefully.

Accepting Quests: Click on my QUESTS button, then click my "Clear the Way" quest and click the ACCEPT button.

- Serval's Quests

Level Experience and Gold: You can also get XP and Gold from killing monsters and completing quests.

Class Experience: You also get CLASS XP which help you level-up your class and get NEW SKILLS. You can find lots of other different classes to master AQWorlds and you can master them all.

After Completing the 'Clear the Way' quest

Adventure Guide
Turnin In Quests: Return to the quest giver after you complete all quest objectives. Click on the QUESTS button, then click my "Clear the Way" quest and click the COMPLETE button.

After Completing the 'Defeat the Lich' quest

Adventure Guide
You've done it! The Lich Ravager is defeated and we can make our way to Battleon! Thank you, Hero.

Battleon is a great place to find out what's happening in Lore and meet new heroes. You can always get there quickly by typing this into your chat bar:
/join battleon

Location: Tutorial


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