Serepthys (NPC)

Pyramid Guardian
You may say you are the Hero spoken of in the Prophecy, but that does not mean I will hand over the Scepter and Flail without question. You will first need to prove you are worthy of their power by appeasing the four protectie spirits of the Chamber of Yasaris.

How you apease the Guardian Spirits is for you to figure out. Go back and talk to Ptahmun, maybe he will have some ideas for you. He is the one who sent you to me, is he not?

- Serepthys' Quests

After completing the 'Battle Serepthys' quest:

Pyramid Guardian
Ptahmun now has the power of Yasaris, thanks to you, Hero. Let us hope he does not make us regret it.

Location: Yasaris
Note: Also see Serepthys (Monster).



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