Sepulchure's Quests


Quest Location: Arcadia
Quests Begun From: Sepulchure (NPC)
Requirements: Must have completed the 'Road Not Taken' quest.
Note: These quests can only be completed once.

We're taking the rightmost route. Think of the way you would hold a sack of flour. Held over the shoulder or under your arm. Which position will you be least likely to squirm in. I climb fast, and you will fall off if you try to cling to my back like you did with Gravelyn. You have three seconds before I choose for you. Then, I'll eviscerate the Vampire Queen's minions, if that is truly what they are.

Items Required:

  • Climb Rightmost Ladder x1
    • Walk to Screen 6
  • Vampire Entrails x7


  • 3,000 Gold
  • 6,000 Exp

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