Sepulchure's Fate


«Scene: The Hero and Gravelyn are standing atop the walls of Shadowfall Castle.»

Gravelyn: I *am* glad you're here. There's something I've been wanting to talk to you about.
Gravelyn: I thought this might have been why you came here, actually…

Hero: Yeah? What's going on?

Gravelyn: I've heard whispers of a… mysterious stranger… who is trying to bring my father back from the dead.
Gravelyn: I know you've heard about it, too.

Hero: I have.
Hero: I was honestly hoping you wouldn't have to find out.

Gravelyn: You know, I'm not sure how I feel.
Gravelyn: On one hand… of course I miss him. I want him back.
Gravelyn: But… his soul has been in the shadow of the Queen of Monsters for so long.
Gravelyn: I'm afraid if he does comes back, it won't be my father. Not really.
Gravelyn: It will be some tainted version of him that has been corrupted beyond hope.
Gravelyn: Nothing more than another minion of the Queen.

Hero: Yeah, that's what I'm worried about, too.
Hero: You understand that's why I have to stop it from happening.

«Screen zooms in on the Hero and Gravelyn.»

Gravelyn: Hmm. Maybe not, though.

Hero: What do you mean?

Gravelyn: What this stranger is planning to bring back… it's only a part of my father's soul.
Gravelyn: But the Doomblade contains another fragment.

Hero: Wait - what??


Gravelyn: When the Queen of Monsters ripped my father's spirit out of Sepulchriloth, it broke apart.
Gravelyn: Most of it ended up in the Queen's domain, in the shadows that surround her.
Gravelyn: But a piece of itself secreted itself into his old sword.

Hero: And THAT part hasn't been tainted by the Queen of Monsters.
Hero: Still though - it's just a small piece compared to what the Queen has.

Gravelyn: Well, that isn't the only place where a piece of his soul has hidden itself away.
Gravelyn: When he was possessing Akriloth, that wasn't ALL of his soul.
Gravelyn: A lot of it was still scattered, from when Drakath shattered him before.
Gravelyn: If we can gather the rest of his soul fragments…

Hero: …the unsullied part of his soul might be able to overcome the part that's been corrupted by the Queen.

Gravelyn: Exactly.
Gravelyn: My father would NEVER bow to her. Not in his right mind.

Hero: So, where do we even find these other soul fragments?

Gravelyn: Well, as it turns out, one of them is actually here.
Gravelyn: My father… the part of him that's in the Doomblade… can sense it up in the tower on the wall.
Gravelyn: I haven't had time to try to find it myself, because of, well… all of this.
Gravelyn: But now that you're here to lend a hand…

Hero: I can't say I love this idea…
Hero: But if it will help keep Sepulchure's power out of the hands of the Queen, then I'm in.

«Scene fades.»

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