Sepulchure Returns


«A bunch of red flashing soulbits float in the air when they come together and form a bigger soulbit. A red gas-like figure with eyes is on screen»

Years before the Queen of Monsters was freed, Sepulchure the DoomKnight's army of undead slaughtered thousands as he invaded lands across Lore.

«Scene changes to Sepulchure entering a Alteon's throneroom, then Alteon and Sepulchure in a swordclash, then Drakath flying into the throneroom, then Drakath attacking Sepulchure»

But before he could defeat Good King Alteon in Swordhaven, Drakath, Champion of Chaos, suddenly appeared… and attacked.

«Drakath takes Sepulchure's soul and crushes it, Sepulchure falls apart, dark energy flies upward, out of the castle»

Channeling the power of Chaos granted to him by the Queen of Monsters, Drakath crushed Sepulchure's spirit, …condemning him to an eternity of nothingness in the Void.

«Scene changes back to red gas-like figure»

But Evil calls to Evil, and a spirit as strong as Sepulchure's cannot be so easily destroyed.
Like drops of mercury, the shards of his spirit drifted back together over the years, until enough of them merged to allow…

«Scene changes to Gravelyn in her throne room»

(Whisper): Empress of the Shadowscythe÷
(Whisper): Gravelyn…

«Gravelyn looks up»

(Whisper): Daughter!!!

Gravelyn: *gasp* Father!

«Skeletons gasp»

(Whisper): Say nothing. Show nothing. Do nothing except listen÷
(Whisper): *The voice fills her head, her heart, and her spirit, showing her possibilities thought impossible.*

Gravelyn: Guards! Summon… the Dragonbone Necromancers! NOW!

«Scene changes to Gravelyn with Enferr Os and another Dragonbone Necromancer looking out the castle»

Gravelyn: The Dragonbones say they cannot fully return his spirit without the proper vessel.

Enferr Os: I would be -

Gravelyn: No. His power is too dark, too strong, for any normal human - OR undead - to serve.
Gravelyn: Though your willingness to die - again - for my father's return is appreciated.
Gravelyn: The Dragonbones have identified the creature you must bring to me.

Dragonbone Necro: You will have help. And half the Empress' army.

Gravelyn: If you can do this, if WE can bring my father back…
Gravelyn: Then there is NOTHING the Queen of Monsters can do to save herself.
Gravelyn: She destroyed MY plans. Killed MY people. And now she wants to take MY world?
Gravelyn: NO.

«Scene changes to an Undead Army with Dragonbone Necromancers lead by Enferr Os, in the background are Fire Dragons»

Enferr Os, the Shadowscythe's most promising general, invaded the Dragonlands, home of Akriloth, lord of the Fire Dragons.
As each of the Fire dragons succumbs to the necrotic spells of the Dragonbone Necromancers, Akriloth makes one final charge.

«The Dragonbone Necromancer's spell hits Akriloth, then scene changes to Gravelyn outside of her castle with Akriloth in chains»

Gravelyn: I may be surrounded by boneheads, but they've done well.
Gravelyn: With my father's spirit and power to guide them and the dragon's strength to fuel their fire…
Gravelyn: I will finally have the force I need to take the Queen on…

«Scene fades to black»

Gravelyn: And destroy her.

«Scene fades»

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