Sepulchure (Cutscene)


«Scene: Lynaria and Alteon hug»

Lynaria: Alteon! I thought I'd never see you again.
Alteon: I am so relieved to see you safe!

«Alteon turns»

Alteon: But YOU.

«Scene moves out to show Sepulchure standing next to them»

Alteon: I trusted you, as my knight AND as my best friend.
Alteon: And you failed me.

Valen: YOU failed Lynaria! I SAVED her!

«Close up of Alteon»

Alteon: You left our people to die!
Alteon: Highwick burns because of you! Hundreds are dead, the rest injured and homeless.
Alteon: You killed our Guardians in the name of gaining power that wasn't yours to take.
Alteon: How is any of this honorable?

«Close up of Sepulchure»

Valen: I did what was necessary, Alden.
Valen: I regret none of it!

«Scene moves out to show both Alteon and Sepulchure»

Alteon: You don't regret causing the deaths of an entire city, and dozens of loyal Guardian knights?

Valen: I don't regret being the only one who had any guts.

Alteon: You are truly not the Valen I know. Not anymore.
Alteon: That armor has killed what you were, and become your tomb.

«Close up of Alteon»

Alteon: Leave us. Swordhaven was Valen's home, but it has no place for a… a sepulcher.

«Close up of Sepulchure»

Valen: What a staggering display of ingratitude.
Valen: I did what no one else DARED. And this is how you repay me?
Valen: With exile!

«Scene moves out to show all three characters at once»

Lynaria: Alteon, Valen, please…

«Background turns red»

Sepulchure: Don't you mean "Sepulchure"?
Sepulchure: I will go nowhere.

«Close up of Alteon»

Alteon: And I won't allow such evil to stay.
Alteon: I WILL force you out if I have to.

«Close up of Sepulchure»

Sepulchure: Go ahead and try.

«Scene fades»

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