Senlin-Ma's Quests

Quest Locations:

Quests Begun From: Senlin-Ma
Note: All the quests before the 'Defeat the Yaomo' quest can only be accessed if the 'Defeat the Yaomo' quest has not been completed.

Unfortunately, I cannot allow just anyone to enter Jingshen. Only the gentlest and most agile of heroes can travel through it without causing too much distress. If you can steal the bowl from a kappa ninja's head without spilling any of the water, I will know you are such a hero. Kappa Ninja can be found at the Yokai Ferry.

Items Required:


  • 300 Gold
  • 300 Exp

Thanks to rickyb20.

Quest Location: Akiba
Quests Begun From: Senlin-Ma
Requirements: Must be at least Level 50 to accept these quests.

Much like the Xingzhi, the Shushen are lacking a physical form. In order to help them, we will need to dispel them after they are defeated. That this process may not always work, so you may have to battle them a few times before successfully dispelling their spirits.

Items Required:

  • Shushen Dispelled x12


  • 600 Gold
  • 1,600 Exp

Thanks to Apus.

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