Seneschal's Assistant

Soon to Be Promoted… Maybe
I was grinding bones in the annex when I saw a flash of light, bright red, and a flood of rage washed through the Palace. I did not know what it was, until things started to… change. That's why Security Protocol 33 was implemented. I cannot go anywhere, I do not have clearance. But YOU - with that sigil - you do.

What Happened?
I learned afterwards that an angry spirit had invaded the fortress, but I don't know where it went or why. Just that underworld creatures were no longer… loyal.

Protocol 33?
Security Protocol 33: You'd think the Master would just implement magic wards, right? But no. Says this keeps us on our toes. I suppose he's right. He IS the Master. So. The fortress is on lockdown, and only those who know how to navigate its halls can get through to reach him.

What's Next?
Take the Seneschal's Key and open chests until you find the Compass Stone. Use the Compass Stone to guide you to the 3 soldiers entrusted with the 3 separate Pieces of the Palace map. Once you have THOSE, bring them to Sybil or Aeneas. They will create the map for you.

Location: Dark Fortress (2)


Thanks to Peachii.

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