Semibreve Rest


«Scene: Drago, Darkon, Suki, Aurola, Titania, and Regulus»

Aurola: Did anyone have a single doubt? Suki, you're a Queen material!

Regulus: Those gauntlets pack a punch! I need to get my hands on a pair.

Suki: The engineers said Astravian tech was compatible with Seraph tech.
Suki: It was a real surprise. My old higher ups told me to be careful showing off our weapons.
Suki: Apparently, there's not supposed to be anything this advanced created in Lore.
Suki: At least, not for a few years.

Titania: That is an interesting way to word it. Astravia hasn't met its match in technology either.
Titania: In fact, the world 'technology' is a rarity. At least, in the territories beyond our borders.
Titania: I wonder-

Regulus: Psst, start whispering. The rotten tomato just rolled in.

Drago: No need to hold back on my behalf.

«Suki turns around and faces Drago»

Drago: If it makes you feel better about your poor little selves, slander me all you wish.
Drago: I already know that I'm better than you.

Regulus: You-

Suki: Prince Drago, it's nice to see you! I hope we weren't being too loud.
Suki: I forgot to ask why you weren't at breakfast this morning. Did you eat?

Drago: That I did, in my own chambers. I don't like sharing the table with an animal.

Suki: Oh…

Titania: Prince Drago…are you not busy with your studies?

Drago: I have enough free time to share a little advice.
Drago: Like any dog, Suki has smarts, she has a good heart, and knows how to juggle her fellow brutes.
Drago: Does that mean the Astravians, noble or common, would put a crown on a dog?
Drago: A foreign mutt at that.
Drago: Ooh, don't think so.

Darkon: Enough! Stop taking your frustrations out on others.
Darkon: If you have a problem, talk to me.

Aurola: Isn't it obvious? He's still sore about the combat training accident.
Aurola: Drago, you attacked Suki after I said the spar was over.
Aurola: She wouldn't have cut your face if you didn't lose your temper.

Suki: That was my fault. It was hard to hear the whistle, and I'm always too rough.

Titania: You gave up your sword after that. That wasn't-

Suki: *Whispering* I love Darkon, and that means Drago could be family one day.
Suki: *Whispering* We shouldn't be fighting…
Suki: Please excuse me. The duels right after the street brawl made me feel light headed.
Suki: Darkon I…If you have no further need of me, my liege, I will return to my quarters.

«Darkon turns around and faces Suki»

Darkon: Suki, wait.

Drago: Brother, our Father needs us at his side.
Drago: Dally all you want with your fling later.

«Drago closes eyes»


«Scene fades»

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