Sek Duat Caught


«Scene: Hero chasing Sek Duat on a carpet»

«Screen moves to Sek-Duat. Sek-Duat looks back and fires a energy ball. Sek-Duat looks back in front of him. Sek-Duat sees an exit. Sek-Duat feels he's almost home free. Scene moves to Zhoom, on the roof.»


«Zhoom takes aim at the Hero and fires a arrow. Hero swings at the arrow, knocking it forward, penetrating Sek Duat's carpet, making him fall over.»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Zhoom and the Hero look at Sek-Duat in handcuffs»

Sek-Duat: Once again, you prove what a nuisance you are, half-breed.

Zhoom: It's good to see you too, mummy.

Hero: I thought your mom was dead…

Sek-Duat: Can we skip the puns this time?
Sek-Duat: I am Sek-Duat, god-king of the Sandsea.
Sek-Duat: Bow before me, mortal!

Hero: uh… No thanks.

Zhoom: This thing has ruled the Sandsea for centuries posting as his own heir, time after time
Zhoom: He is also responsible for hunting my people, the sand-elves, into extinction.
Zhoom: I should kill him for that crime alone.

Sek-Duat: You may have lead the revolt against me, but it would take more power then you have to finish me, boy.

Hero: WHat use is this monster to us, Zhoom?

Zhoom: He has lived a LONG time. He knows more about the Sandsea then anyone.

Hero: Ah, so he might know how to defeat Zahart and his Djinn?

Sek-Duat: HAHAHAHA! If I knew how to defeat Zahart, why would I have hidden in my secret chamber when he sent Tibicenas after me?

Zhoom: Then you are of no further use to us.

Hero: Maybe we can trade him to Zahart for something?

«Sek-Duat backs away a little»

Sek-Duat: You… you wouldn't DARE! I AM THE GOD-KING OF THE SANDSEA!

Hero: You're just a bag of bones hiding in a comfy room.

«Screen zooms on Zhoom's face while Zhoom smiles»

«Screen zooms back to normal»

Zhoom: So the immortal does fear something. Interesting.

Sek-Duat: There might be a way… but you must take me with you. Do we have a deal?

Hero: Deal… now spill it, bandage face.

Sek-Duat: You can only defeat a Djinn… with another Djinn.
Sek-Duat: … And I believe I know where we can find one.

«Scene fades»

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