Seeds of Destruction


«Two silhouettes are seen, then Ravinos Brightglade and others fighting off monsters, then a girl being threatened by a silhouetted monster. Scene changes to Aven with people behind viny bars»

Aven: I can't keep this up for much longer!
Aven: Have you secured the children?

«To the left, Ravinos casting spells»

Ravinos: I've sent everyone to the tree forts, all except-

«Scene changes to Eliza trapped»

Eliza: IT'S GOT ME! Ravinos - HELP!!!!

«Back to Aven and Ravinos»

Aven: I'll distract them! Get to the girl!

«Aven fights off some monsters while Ravinos gets Eliza. Then to some monsters being lead by a silhouetted figure»

???: Minions. It is finished! FALL BACK!

«Minions fall back, then scene changes to Aven, Ravinos, who has Eliza in her arms, Zephyrus, Flix and humans reuniting after the battle»

Aven: Why the retreat? Nevana knows my flora would stand no chance against her magic.

Ravinos: Our Nevana knows this. This - this… creature that attacked Brightoak can't be the same peacekeeper.
Ravinos: But that is something to consider at another time. For now we must care for the sick and wounded.

Zephyrus: Shhh, m'boy. Your sister will be fine. The High Priest has MIGHTY powers of healing.
Zephyrus: There's no poison or taint in the forest he can't negate or purify!

Flix: Thanks be to the Green One he does!

«Ravinos cures Eliza's broken arm, then Eliza drops off Ravinos, her arm glowing red»


Ravinos: can you hear that?

Aven: No. I don't hear anythi -
Aven: Oh no!

Ravinos: Where is the Celestial Horn of Balance?!

Aven: Of course. That explains the sudden retreat.
Aven: They weren't after our home, Nevana and her forces wanted the hron. How could I be so blind?

Ravinos: Without the music of the Horn creating a protective barrier around the World Tree, there is nothing to protect its roots.
Ravinos: Those roots extend into the heart of our world - they feed on the Mana Core of Lore itself!
Ravinos: And now - now anything could attack them, infect them, use them to corrupt —

Aven: What of your connection to the World Tree?
Aven: If the World Tree tree falls to poison in our forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound of our utter destruction?

«Flix nudges Aven»

Flix: This is NO time for jokes! You're laughing while our forest is about to start ROTTING!
Flix: And what does this mean for the creatures? My pets?

Ravinos: While the Grovesong played, my touched purified.
Ravinos: Without the Horn…. I fear I could be more poisonous than the toxin that threatens the World Tree.
Ravinos: Until we know, I cannot risk touching any of you, or using my magic. At all.
Ravinos: We need <Hero>. There is no one alive who is better equipped to fight the Queen of Monsters and -

Aven: Her Generals. That's got to be it. She's twisted Nevana. The Queen of Monsters has pitted Brightoak's best warrior in a war against us, we need <Hero>'s expertise.

«Scene changes to Hero, relaxing in some woods»

Hero: Ah, what a lovely day. Sure hope some giant monster doesn't swoop down and attack me.
Hero: It would just be swell if I went an afternoon without a Necromancer resurrecting an entire army of undead.
Hero: ……
Hero: Huh. I may actually get a little "me" time today.

«Some vines creep up to Hero, then take him away»


«Scene changes back to Brightoak, now Hero joins Aven, Ravinos, et al»

Aven: Sorry about your transportation, but there wasn't time to send a GrowlOwl or hire a ship.

Hero: So, alright. Subterranean transport and dirty tracks aside, what are we dealing with here?

Ravinos: We fear an old ally has been… swayed to the service of the Queen of Monsters.
Ravinos: Nevana, Brightoak's top peacekeeper waged war on the World Tree. If she IS serving her as the Queen's General we don't stand a cha-
Ravinos: BUt I digress. Regardless of WHY she is serving, Nevana sent her minions into the Grove and stole the Celestial Horn of Balance.
Ravinos: Its music is - WAS - constantly playing and mainting the shields that surround the roots of the World Tree.
Ravinos: Without that song, the Tree's roots would be - ARE - open to any kind of attack. Or…

«Ravino's right arm glows red»

Ravinos: Corruption. And so is their link to the Mana Core.

Hero: I see what you mean. How long do I have to get it back?

Ravinos: Not long enough.

«Scene fades»

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