Second In Command


«Scene: Asherion and The Technolich at the Tech Fortress»

Asherion: Kalron has been defeated my lord. Slain by the Paladin and her allies.

The Technolich: Then you are upgraded to the chosen one, Asherion.

«Scene: Close up on Asherion»

Asherion: I will not fail you, my Lord.

The Technolich: So you will KILL your sister and <Hero>?

Asherion: ?!?!?!?!
Asherion: You know!? Impossible! How did you know!?

The Technolich: How do you think <Hero> got here?

«Scene: Asherion and The Technolich inside the Fortress»

The Technolich: Our time machine is already operational and our invasion force is ready.
The Technolich: Everything is going exactly as planned…
The Technolich: Including the moment when they get here….
The Technolich: …and you betray me by opening the door to let them in.

«Scene: 3 exclamation marks above Asherion's head»
«Scene fades»

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