DoomKnight Trainer
Do you think yourself worthy of even looking my way, mortal? At the very least, I can at least see you appreciate what true power and domination looks like when it's in front of you. If the darkness is tempting to you, then join our ranks and swear your loyalty to Empress Gravelyn.

What is a DoomKnight?
Feared throughout history, the DoomKnight shows little sympathy for the living. Not even Death could stop your destructive rampage.

How to get?
To become a DoomKnight, you must have Rank 10 Warrior and Rank 10 Healer in your inventory as well as Rank 5 in Evil reputation OR the Class shop for Adventure Coins.

- Shadowfall
- Member Class Shop
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Hybrid
DoomKnights are a single target damage based class. Their Blood Offering skill sacrifices a portion of their HP to buff their stats, which can be followed up by using Void Strike as it deals more damage the less HP it has. Additionally, their Soul Steal and Soul Crush skills apply massive debuffs to your opponent.

Location: Class Hall B


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