Searching the Stars


«Scene: Syrrus and the Hero in the IceWind Pass»

Hero: You wanted to see me?

Syrrus: I did. I've been thinking about how we're going to confront Karok and Kezeroth.
Syrrus: Obvioulsy we're not prepared to go in and fight them now.

Hero: Right. Either one by himself would be almost impossible to beat.
Hero: Together, they'd wipe the floor with us.

Syrrus: Indeed. But, I may have found a solution.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Outer Space»

Syrrus: There is a legend of a powerful crystal, made of ice that never melts.
Syrrus: It was first seen in Glacera, and some think that it where it originated…
Syrrus: …though others say it was created by Kyranos in the plane of ice.
Syrrus: If this is true, than its power could be great enough to stop Karok and Kezeroth.

«A constellation appears in the shape of the Crystal of Glacera»

Syrrus: And I think I may have found its location.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Syrrus and the Hero in the IceWind Pass»

Hero: Oh, well, that's great! Let's go get it, then!

Syrrus: Well. It might not actually be that easy.

Hero: *sigh*
Hero: It never is.

Syrrus: The crystal is… aware. It has sealed itself away in a mountain of black ice.
Syrrus: It knows it has the potential for great destruction if it falls into the wrong hands.
Syrrus: So, you'll have to prove you're worthy of wielding it before it will allow itself to be taken.

Hero: Here's hoping I can get its approval.

Syrrus: I will stay here, but I'll project my spirit into the mountain along with you.
Syrrus: That way, I can continue to guide you as I get more information from the stars.

«Scene fades»

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