Scythe of Conquest


«Karok and his pawns in the Frozen Island»

Karok: Warrios of Glacera, we face a NEW challenge!
Karok: This world has been ravaged and ripped apart, but is still so, so rich.
Karok: Its people are WEAK, and ripe for exploitation.
Karok: With blade, fang, and blood, we will take this place! We will grow fat on the meat of these puppets.

FrostSpawn General: Ssssir… The <Hero's Class>. He approaches the gate.
FrostSpawn General: Do we sssstop him?

Karok: This… <Hero> wishes to see my home? Let him go.
Karok: When he returns… this world will be mine.

«Change scene, Hero and Lorentz at the gate»

Hero: I'll need someone to watch the gate, if you're willing.

Lorentz: Anything's better than staying here! Those things smell NASTY!

Hero: Then close your eyes and… JUMP!

«Scene fades»

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